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Welcome to Tecnolon

Precision mechanics and machining in small and medium-size runs for all industries. We perform all types of operations.

We offer a full service from design to implementation of your tooling.
Tecnolon Works is a reliable partner for long-term collaboration.
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Precision mechanics and machining in small- and medium-sized runs for all industries. We are able to offer you all types of operations:

- Tooling development and manufacturing
- High speed / normal speed CNC machining  (3, 4 and 5 axes)
- Die-sink or wire-cut electrical discharge machining
- CNC / conventional turning
- Deep hole drilling (CNC)
- Assembly of mechanical subassemblies
- HSM/CNC milling
- High tolerance machining of engineered parts (individual parts and small runs) 
- Flat grinding
- Miscellaneous machining subcontracting in all materials

Starting from a drawing or a model, we design, engineer and manufacture the tooling in our machine shop, which is fully equipped with modern numerically controlled machines.

We are therefore able to offer full service from design to manufacturing of tooling, including testing, rework, and even production of plastic parts, all on a single site.

Our years of experience allow us to offer you an ever-expanding skill set.

- Compliance with technical standards and customer requirements

- Negotiated schedule is adhered to and updated

- Secured component supply: certificates, inspections, etc.

We can cost and implement your modifications, working from your drawings or DFN tooling, or alternatively from inspection of a commented part or a visit to your site.

Modification and repairs of injection moulds. Our staff is qualified to work on customer tooling. Our methods allow flexible use of staff and machining equipment.
-7/4/2020: Covid19 - Message to our customers: coronavirus-0704-tw.pdf

- 12/2/2019: Please find hereafter our Brexit conditions: brexit-12022019v1.pdf

- 25/5/2018: Aujourd'hui, TW déclare être 100% conforme concernant la nouvelle législation de Protection des Données suivant EU2016/679. Vous pouvez consulter ce document en suivant ce lien: reglement-de-protection-des-donnees-de-tecnolon-works-sa-version-20.pdf

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- Participation in the APS MEETINGS trade fair in Lyon from 20/3 to 21/3/2018.

- Participation in the ESEF trade fair in Utrecht from 20/3 to 23/3/2018.
- Participation in the MIDEST trade fair in Paris from 27/3 to 30/3/2018.
- Participation in the RAIL INDUSTRY MEETINGS trade fair in Valenciennes from 4/4 to 5/4/2018.

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- Participation in the PROTOTYPING trade fair in Kortrijk from 7/11 to 8/11/2018

- Participation in the AEROMART trade fair in Toulouse from 4/12 to 6/12/2018.


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