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Founded in 1950, Tecnolon Works has leveraged its 60 years of experience to become a key player in the fields of tooling for the plastics processing industry and machining of technical parts.

Engineering Office:

- Ongoing research into tool development using the latest technologies.
- Our technicians collaborate closely with our customers' engineering offices to produce a perfect product (whether an individual part or mass production), under optimal conditions of quality, service and price.


Design and production of plastic injection tools. (Soft: Pro-Engineer / AutoCAD).

Our experience (more than 60 years), our dynamic nature and our investments in this area ensure that the product will meet the imposed requirements under a controlled schedule.

To secure the investments in injection tools, Tecnolon Works pays special attention to the storage conditions.

A specially conditioned building that is completely separate from the production halls was built for this purpose. As a result, Tools are stored under the best conditions.

Precision mechanics and machining:

Precision mechanics and machining in small and medium-size runs for all industries. We are able to provide all types of operations:

- High speed CNC machining 
  (3, 4 and 5 axes)
- Die-sink or wire-cut electrical discharge machining
- CNC / conventional turning
- Deep hole drilling (CNC)
- Assembly of mechanical subassemblies
- HSM/CNC milling
- Flat grinding
- High tolerance machining of technical parts (individual parts and small series) 
- Various subcontracting with machining of all materials

Tecnolon Works is part of the Sub-Alliance cluster.

Sub-Alliance brings together industrial subcontracting professionals who pool their complementary skills and their marketing strength to promote business and innovation through partnership and to facilitate technological exchange.

The cluster currently includes:

- DEDECKER PRECISION MECHANICS SA: automatic metal turning & milling + grinding + surface treatment


- FERONYL: Plastic injection techniques & tooling & MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)


- GRIMONPREZ TRANSMISSION GEARS SA: gear cutting and thermal treatment

Management and global functions are run from Mouscron, Belgium.

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